"And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom".

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Spiritual Counselor

Work with a Spiritual Counselor (SC) is similar to working with many types of therapists, except that the SC is applying spiritual principle.  We begin with the idea that the client is already perfect and our work is to assist in revealing that perfection.  

Each session begins and ends with a Spiritual Mind Treatment, a scientific form of healing prayer.  In this field of prayer, the SC assists the client in realizing the truth about their life and releasing false beliefs.  

The SC holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate.  What is shared in a session is confidential, except where the SC is legally bound to report specific events.

Radical Forgiveness Coach

Radical Forgiveness provides powerful tools that will shift & change your life forever.

Let's explore & uncover the possibilities waiting for you!  Discover your unlimited potential, find inner peace and live in joy! 

Love Attraction Coach

Patricia is trained and certified in Kathryn Alice's love magnetization, relationship and dating techniques.  If you are feeling blocked or need support in opening to love, working one noon with Patricia is the best way to gain the impetus you need to break throughgh to soulmate love. 

One hour sessions available via:

Skype: patricia.kingery79

Phone: (310) 486-6183

In person at Bend location.

Complimentary Session

Schedule your 20 minute complimentary phone session now. 

Simply click on the Book Now button to send a message with your contact information & a choice of 3 times that would work for you. 

I'll respond shortly with a time & confirmation. 



Patricia Kingery


Patricia completed a 4 year program and was licensed as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP) in 2005 by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. 

Trained in Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, Patricia was licensed as a Radical Forgiveness Coach in 2006.  She incorporates this modality, along with  spiritual counseling in individual sessions and group workshops. 

Patricia became a Certified Love Attraction Coach in 2012, by Kathryn Alice.  Through counseling and workshops, she assists clients in releasing barriers to love. 


"Patricia is not only well qualified to share Radical Forgiveness with the world but totally dedicated to the task.  She understands how powerful this strategy can be in changing peoples’ lives and has a strong desire to share it.  I appreciate her willingness to reach out into her community and beyond with her teaching and coaching services". ~ Colin C. Tipping founder & author "Radical Forgiveness Making Room For The Miracle".

"You could not be in better hands in working with Patricia. Her presence is one of wisdom and compassion, and her coaching and teaching abilities are amazing. With her work, not only will you heal and learn, but you will flourish." ~ Kathryn Alice, RScP author "Love Will Find You".

Patricia has a gift- both from a common sense and spiritual perspective. After months of shrinks and other "healers" I was still reeling from a shocking break-up equivalent to being left at the altar with no explanation or further communication. In session with Patricia, the epiphanies and the realization of absurdities kept on coming. I don't know what I would have done without her and continue to seek her advice in other areas of my life. ~ Karen P.

Patricia treated my codependence with my family. Shortly after, I noticed lightness, as if a huge burden had been lifted. Relationships changed! Patricia is truly a gifted and loving spiritual practitioner. ~ Cynthia Parrish RSCP

Patricia has held the space for me to release old issues and traumas. So much growth and vastly improved life situations have developed with her support and prayer. ~ Kristen Erwin

I was in a very dark place regarding love and my worth. Patricia created a very safe space in her love circle for me to have a profound and deep emotional healing. I felt transformed and free of old stuck beliefs that lived within me. Since then, things have changed! I gave myself permission to allow love in and feel very deserving of it. ~ Wendy Vitalich

I fully experienced what Radical Forgiveness feels like in the healing circle. The visceral act of crossing the circle created a profound energetic shift for me that literally dried up my tears of sadness and hurt. I experienced healing from the perspective of both the perpetrator and victim, as I participated with others who shared many of my issues. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone experiencing pain that holds you back from living your life fully. ~ Carlene Brown, MA. Ed.

I recommend the Radical Forgiveness workshop for anyone seeking forgiveness in any area of their life. The issues one has around forgiveness are processed in a safe environment in a personal way. The Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony was powerful. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! ~ Terri Miles

The Radical Forgiveness workshop was incredibly healing. It was intense, and so much lightness emerged. I am grateful to Patricia and all the participants. ~ Carolyn K.

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